Psychology Services

Proactive and consistent psychological services are provided to residents on-site in long-term care communities. Our dedicated team of doctoral-level licensed psychologists and licensed clinical social workers are experts in geriatric behavioral health.

Diagnostic Assessment

Initial assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan to develop objective outcome-based goals.

Individual, Group and Family Psychotherapy

Psychological counseling focused on achieving outcome based goals established in the treatment plan.

Plan of Care Review

Quarterly review of progress toward goals and assess current symptoms and functioning. This is used to set new goals or discharge planning.

Psychological Testing

Neurocognitive and emotional testing can improve diagnostic clarity, assist with differential diagnosis, and improve prognosis by ensuring that the treatment plan approach identified is relevant to the clarified diagnosis.


Recommendations for ongoing stability and maintenance of functioning.

Appropriate referrals:

    Depression, anxiety, withdrawal, agitation, grief, bereavement, confusion, memory loss
    Hallucinations, delusions
    Non-compliance with rehabilitation program
    Alcohol and substance abuse
    Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Schizoaffective disorder

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