Why our facility should chose Partners In Hope?

 Our survey driven programs are designed around both federal and state survey guidelines to keep your facility within compliance. Finally, we are outcome driven and focus on giving your patients the best quality of life possible. 

How often will a provider visit the facility?

Our goal is to maximize the regularly scheduled presence of both our psychology and psychiatry provider teams. Having a consistent presence to support patients, families, and staff is an important part of what makes our program different.

How soon will a patient be seen after a referral is made?

Patients are seen on the next regularly scheduled visit or within 48 hours.

How quickly will we receive the provider’s notes?

Our custom developed proprietary behavioral health focused EMR has been designed to work with all major facility systems including PointClickCare, American HealthTech, MatrixCare and others. The notes should be delivered to your facility within 24-48 hours after the patient’s visits.

How do you address Gradual Dose Reductions (GDR’s)?

Our Gradual Dose Reduction (GDR) program is designed to identify and monitor psychotropic use from the time a new patient is seen. We proactively attempt GDR’s and monitor patients for continued reductions. However, if it is medically necessary for a patient to receive a medication, we are trained to deliver survey driven documentation to keep you within compliance.

Who pays for your service?

Our services are paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care programs and other commercial insurance payers.

How does Partners In Hope work with our primary care providers?

We strive for a team oriented approach by working closely with your medical director, primary care providers, pharmacy, and rehab department. Proactive communication creates an interdisciplinary team resulting in superior patient outcomes.

What differences can I expect from Partners In Hope on-site services vs. telemedicine?

Our telemedicine program uses the same clinical providers, clinical processes, and outcome based protocols as our on-site teams. This all comes at zero cost to your facility.

How soon can we start services?

Call us at 708.840.3733 to discuss how to get started.